Christopher Farrell graduated in 1993 with a first class Honours degree in Visual Arts from De Montfort University, Leicester where he went on to study at the Royal Academy School of Art, London completing a Post-Graduate Degree in painting in 1997. Christopher won the Young Artist of the Year Hunting Prize and was invited to attend a reception by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace to recognize the achievements of young adults from throughout the United Kingdom who have excelled in their particular field.

His recent exhibitions include 'Urban Reckoning at Koppel Project Hive Gallery, work at Alan Kluckow Gallery(2019), Sarah Wiseman Gallery (2019)and is part of the Jerwood collection at the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings.He has produced commissioned artworks for a number of clients including the British Embassy in Madrid.

Christopher Farrell’s art extracts lines and forms from his urban surroundings to create an electric and abstract landscape. Upon viewing his work, you feel as though you are being transported through a futuristic world of light and shadow, catching a glimpse of the forms of the buildings around you, which derive from the peripheral vision of the artist as he commutes through the city every day. These works are compilations of visions both imaginary and real which create a reality of their ownnot real but not fake either. His work invites the viewer to examine what we see as reality and what is a construction of our imagination. While cycling six hours every day between his home in Reading and his studio in London, Farrell is inundated with visions of lines and forms and the colours of the sunrise and sunset as he moves through the streets.
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