2013: Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Cydonia, 121 x 182cm, Oil on canvas, a painting produced while studying at the Royal Academy School of Arts [1996] and was the winning painting for the Young Artist of the Year Hunting Prize in 1997. Exhibited at the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, December 2013 as part of the Jerwood Foundation Collection. Shown next to Walter Sickert and Maurice Cockrill, a former tutor, it is great to see this painting again - The painting is alive in terms of painterly expression and visual language.

Insitu image of Cydonia in the Jerwood Gallery next to Sickerts painting.
Cydonia, inspired by London cityscapes and images of Mars, Cydonia defining the location of the infamous face on Mars was a prerequisite for the inspiration of this painting.
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