Stage 1. Concept and creating a hand drawn design. Pencil on Bristol board.
Stage 2. Working out and developing the palette and mood of the artwork. The colour study is worked on at full print resolution, 250 x 450cm.
Stage 3. Reworking and enhancing the detail in the architectural structures within the artwork.
Stage 4. Final artwork is installed in Foxtons Shepherd's Bush Office, in this case a three panel light-box.
A detail of the artwork. 250 x 450cm (inc gaps), 19685 x 35433 px (inc gaps), 4gb final image size. Photoshop CS5.5
A selection of older Foxtons artworks - Oil, Acrylic and Digital paintings

Kings Road Office, 2004, Oil on canvas
Chiswick Office, 2005, Oil on canvas
Blackheath Office, 2008, Acrylic on canvas
Temple Fortune Office, 2012, Acrylic on canvas
Brixton Office, 2012, Photoshop painting - Opal 30 acrylic lightbox
Stoke Newington, 2013, Photoshop painting before printing on to opal 30 acrylic
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