2013: ComplexCity at the OXO Gallery, London

Award winning London based artist Christopher Farrell is the focus of a new solo exhibition at gallery@oxo this September (2013), his first public exhibition in seven years. ComplexCity, curated by Full Circle Art Consultancy, will be a rare opportunity to appreciate Farrell’s distinctive combination of gestural and highly detailed work that takes the cityscape of London as its subject. Farrell seeks to capture and process the constant evolution of the city resulting in complex and mesmerising pieces in various media, including digital techniques. Farrell uniquely combines the latest digital technology with historical materials and techniques. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools, completing a post-graduate diploma in painting in 1997. Old masters are among his current influences, including Canaletto whose celebrated views of London have provided inspiration. All artworks are drawn from scratch, without tracing projections, I like to combine the latest digital technology with historical materials and techniques, for example, Oil on copper, Silverpoint on Gesso and Photoshop. I find this combination exciting as it reflects the mix of contemporary and period architecture that forms the basis of the 21st century skyline.

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